Eurovision Song Contest

Sverige/Sweden - The Ark - The Worrying kind

Words, I like to break 'em
Words, I'd like to shake 'em
Shake 'em from my troublesome mind
And why? Heaven knows
It's a joke I suppose
But baby, I'm the worrying kind

Vitryssland/Belarus - Dmitry Koldun - Work your magic
Work your magic
I never wanna lose this feeling
I am able and I'm willing
Yes, I'm willing
Work your magic
You set my beating heart in motion
When you cast your loving potion
Over me

Ryssland/Russia - Serebro - Song #1
Oh, don't call me funny bunny
I'll blow your money, money
I'll get you to my bad ass spinning for you
Oh, I'll make it easy, honey
I'll take your money, yummy
I've got my bitches standing up next to me

Enligt mig så kommer en av dessa att vinna.


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