Fotbolls-VM #4

Dave Henson.
Det kan inte vara lätt att vara engelsman eller engelskvinna(jämställt ska det vara, annars blir feministerna lite irriterade). Vi svenskar är ju i regel negativa från början medans engelsmännen och -kvinnorna(men förmodligen bara männen) alltid tror att dom ska vinna.

Och så lite roliga historier(jag vet, det är taskigt att sparka på någon som redan ligger men isåfall skulle man aldrig kunna skämta om engelsk fotboll. Eller Cristiano Ronaldo. Eller John Terry...).

Rob Green has trained today and in 3 hours he had 4000 shots fired at him and did not concede a single goal. Tomorrow, him and Heskey will train with the rest of the squad…

God summons Freddie Mercury to his office and says" You know what Freddie, i really liked your music, i'm going to give you another chance of life on earth. Who would you like to go back as?" Freddie says " i'd like to go back as Robert Green" God says "why's that" Freddie says "He's got 10 arseholes in front of him, 10,000 pricks behind him, and no chance of catching anything !"

Argentina are playing England in the world cup, and Messi says to the team, "listen you all seem tired, why don't you have a night off, have a drink and I'll play by myself." So they agree and Messi goes to play England by himself.
At half time the Argentinian team check the score and they see ARG 1-0 ENG (Messi 37th min). They're all impressed and get back to what theyre doing.
After the match finishes they check the score and see ARG 1-1 ENG (Lampard 85th min). They go to their dressing room and see Messi with his head in his hands. They tell him, "Come on, cheer up you got a draw all by yourself, that's great."
Messi replies, "No you don't understand, I got sent off in the 60th minute."


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